A chimney handles a lot of intense heat and smoke and contains open flame. It should be in good condition to do that safely. But a lot of people don’t think to have their chimneys inspected for damage due to natural wear and tear. Not only does untended minor damage reduce the efficiency of the chimney, it puts you and your home at risk for a house fire.

That’s why CBS Chimney Sweepers are ready to complete a quality inspection and professional repairs to any issue that may arise with your chimney.

There are a lot of parts to a chimney that are regularly exposed to extremely high temperatures. When those malfunction, chimney fires can result. These can spread to the roof of your home and cause a full house fire.

chimney repairs Albuquerque nmDon’t risk your home and your family’s safety! Regular chimney chimney inspections let you and your chimney professionals know what parts are looking worn. Those inspections will also let your chimney professional see when a part needs to be repaired. CBS Chimney Sweepers can repair issues like:

  • Cracks in metal fireboxes
  • Broken/cracked flue liners
  • Split brick replacements
  • Stucco repairs/patches on chimneys
  • Replacement of broken zero clearance panels
  • …and more

A hasty patch job or a few replaced tiles won’t provide you and your family with the safety you deserve. Call on our 85 combined years of experience and let CBS Chimney Sweepers handle your chimney repair. Not only are we Albuquerque’s oldest and most trusted chimney service, we also know how to handle wood-burning and pellet stoves.

Let professionals handle your chimney repair and give you and your family peace of mind this winter! Put your safety first and contact us today to schedule your chimney inspection and cleaning.