Creosote Buildup Removal

Creosote is a substance that occurs when wood smoke cools below 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Gases given off by the burning process congeal into a thick, gummy substance (creosote) or cool into a liquid that can coat the interior of a chimney flue. With three graduating stages—light and fluffy, hard and crunchy, sticky and tar-like—it can progress quickly unless cleaned out. All forms of creosote are extremely flammable.

It doesn’t even take a spark to ignite creosote. If the temperature of the flue climbs high enough, it can cause the existing creosote to combust. The result is a dangerous chimney fire that can turn into a house fire very quickly. If soot is clogging the cap of the chimney, the flue’s internal temperature can rise very quickly, very fast. Having a professionally done chimney sweep cleans out soot and creosote, keeping your home safe.

Consider preparing for the fall and winter.

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Scrubbing a giant brush up and down the chimney doesn’t clean out the cap at the top nor will it touch the smoke shelf or clear off the damper. CBS Chimney Sweepers utilizes commercial HEPA vacuums, specialized brushes and over 85 years of combined experience to present you with a clean, safe chimney.

Calling in an expert chimney sweeper may not result in a Disney-style musical number, but it will give you a clean, fully functional, safe chimney. Don’t risk your home’s safety! An improperly cleaned or neglected chimney can result in a house fire. Get expert help with a call to CBS Chimney Sweepers.