Your fireplace, wood stove or pellet stove can boost your home’s value and reduce heating costs in winter. Without proper maintenance, it can become a liability. Even moderate usage can lead to a buildup of soot and creosote in the flue. Without regular chimney cleaning, you risk a house fire with every usage.

It’s a risk you don’t need to take. CBS Chimney Sweepers, with over 85 years of combined experience, will handle your questions, concerns and your chimney (or stove).

Avoid the risk with a yearly chimney inspection and cleaning by professionals! From inspections and routine cleaning to troubleshooting and repair, CBS Chimney Sweepers has all of the services needed to keep your secondary heating in perfect working order. We have the experience to identify problems before they become a crisis.

Inspection, cleaning, problem solving and repairs are available with a single phone call!

Are you looking for an installation service to add that extra value to your home with a new pellet stove? Proper installation for a wood stove or pellet stove is absolutely vital to ensure you get safe functionality. We know where quality matters: every step of the process.

Whether you need an annual inspection, new installation or repairs, CBS Chimney Sweepers has the experience and expertise to give you quality, personalized service from the very first call. Join customers who have been with us since 1976 in trusting your chimney, wood stove or pellet stove to professional hands. We also offer dryer vent cleaning!

Contact us today and you’ll speak to a person, not a computer. We’re ready to answer your questions, address your concerns and ensure that you’re ready for cold weather.