You may believe you can install a wood pellet stove as a DIY or avoid remodeling to install or build a traditional fireplace.  There are a lot of factors that go into placement and installation for maximum efficiency and safety:

  • Pellet stoves are heavy! An average unit starts around 400 pounds, and trying to move that safely requires a lot of help.
  • They need to be set on a fire-safe surface, such as tile or stone. If the room has hardwood or linoleum, an approved hearth pad has to be used.
  • Proximity to doors and windows has to be taken into consideration when handling the stove’s venting. Every venting system is unique to the room and stove itself.

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Pellet stoves are largely self-contained and automated with a very small amount of ash and smoke produced. Due to the high temperatures created, they need to be handled carefully. The mechanical and electronic aspects make proper installation and maintenance necessary to prevent house fires.

Wood Pellet Stoves

Why do people pick wood pellet stoves? Because they’re efficient, consume no natural gas or oil, produce excellent heat and come in a variety of sizes to let you customize for your heat needs. Due to the amount of pellets used and the intensity at which they burn, there’s little smoke and ash to dispose of. They’re attractive additions to any room and can be fired up whenever the temperature drops.

They also need professional installation to be safe. That’s why CBS Chimney Sweepers included pellet stove installation in our repertoire. We’re determined to provide the best services for the best price to the Albuquerque area.

Pellet Stove Installation and Chimney Inspection

Don’t tire yourself out searching for different companies to handle your pellet stove installation, inspection and cleaning. Just call CBS Chimney Sweepers and have everything done by Albuquerque’s oldest and most trusted chimney service company! We’re licensed, bonded and insured to install pellet stoves, and have over 85 combined years of experience; we will give you courteous, professional and quality service.

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