CBS Chimney Sweepers is Albuquerque’s oldest and largest chimney sweeping company. Locally owned and operated, with over 85 years of combined experience. We can answer all of your fireplace questions, and solve most problems. We pride ourselves on having a friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to answer any questions you may have regarding your fireplace, wood stove or pellet stove.

Our office is open Monday through Friday (March – August) and Monday through Saturday (September – February) 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. We are fully insured and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Our goal is to make sure your home is free from dangerous chimney fires.
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Cleaning Process of Masonry, Zero clearance and Pellet Stoves

Our service technician will arrive within the 2 hour window, confirmed by the office the day before the appointment. The service technician will evaluate the type of cleaning, lay out a large paper pad to protect the hearth and surrounding areas, seal opening or any exposed joints to prevent any soot from entering the home.

Masonry Chimneys-


Positive Flue Connection

Cleaning of clay “terracotta” liners, used on most masonry chimneys, with stiff metal bristle brush. All soot from chimney lands on the smoke shelf, directly behind damper. Cleaning of flue cap if applicable, and inspection of exterior of chimney. Once in the home, the technician will remove fireplace seal and begin cleaning of the fireplace. The technician will use a specialized “HEPA” filtered vacuum to remove all debris from inside the fireplace and all that fell on the smoke shelf. Inspection of the fireplace interior for cracks and missing mortar joints.

Wood stoves and factory built fireplaces-

Cleaning of 6″ an 8″ wood stove pipe also with metal bristle brush, in some cases where a large offset chimney (multiple bends 45 Degree, 90 Degree elbows) a specialized spinning brush is used without disassembling your venting system. The service technician will remove any baffling/brick in stove prior to brushing, so all soot lands directly in firebox.

Pellet stove cleanings-

All pellet stoves use a 3″ or 4″ vent, a specialized polyurethane brush is used to remove soot.  A spinning flexible 4″ brush is also used at times where multiple bends are used in the venting system.

Freestanding pellet stoves-

New pellet stove installs use 3″ or 4″ Pellet vent pipe that vents through ceiling or rear vented out a wall. Some pellet installations replace an existing wood stove, the 6″ or 8″ venting will be cleaned as well.

Pellet inserts-

pellet insert cleaning diagram

Pellet Insert

In most cases the venting for pellet inserts goes all the way to top of chimney this is referred to as being “relined”(see image to right)

If the pellet stove is “un-relined” and only has a partial section of 3″ or 4″ venting, the stove will have to be removed and cleaning of the original chimney will be done first.

Our pellet stove cleaning process varies depending on the stove being serviced.

Key features on pellet stove service:

  • Cleaning of all passage ways that smoke travels
  • Removal of combustion blower- clean and lubricate
  • Removal of convection/ room air fan- clean and lubricate
  • Cleaning of auger system/ motor

Albuquerque CBS Service Tech Team

Gilbert Gonzales: Owner – expert advise, licensed wood and pellet stove installer

Mike Gonzales: Lead tech/Office  – cleanings, dryer vent cleanings, pellet stove repair, minor and major repairs, installations and problem solving –  CSIA Certified Certification #8761

Gene Keryte – cleanings, dryer vent cleanings, minor and major repairs, installations and problem solving.

Michael Lucero – cleanings, dryer vent cleanings, minor and major repairs, problem solving.

Garth Burch II – cleanings, dryer vent cleanings, pellet stove cleanings, minor and major repairs, problem solving. CSIA Certified Certification #9531.

William Barrett – cleanings, dryer vent cleanings, pellet stove cleanings, minor and major repairs, problem solving

Dom Velarde – cleanings, dryer vent cleanings, pellet stove cleanings, minor and major repairs, problem solving

Ben Stirling – cleanings, dryer vent cleanings, minor and major repairs, problem solving

All of our technicians have extensive experience in the hearth industry.
We are here to serve and protect your home from dangerous chimney fires and to prevent extensive repairs.

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