There’s more to a chimney that just a few bricks, pipes and a place to start a fire. Did you know flue liners can crack? So can mortar and bricks! Fireboxes can crack from excessive heat exposure and water damage, dampers can warp and rust, and smoke shelves can crumble. Damage from normal wear and tear should be noted yearly and arrangements for chimney repair should be made.

Using a chimney that hasn’t been inspected involves more risk than just causing costly damage. Small problems become bigger ones when left unchecked. A chimney inspection also involves checking the amount of creosote and soot. Did you know creosote can ignite without a spark if the temperature rises high enough? It builds up in every sort of wood-burning chimney, even pellet stoves. Left to collect, it can ignite from everyday usage and lead to a chimney fire, or even a house fire.

Rather than call one company for chimney inspection, another for cleaning and another for repairs, just call CBS Chimney Sweepers. With over 85 years of combined experience, we’ve handled every aspect of chimney care from day one. Pellet stoves, wood-burning stoves or brick-and-mortar fireplaces — we can inspect, clean and repair them all.

Our inspection methods:

Level I is a visual inspection of the entire chimney system.

Level II is a visual and camera-aided inspection of the chimney system and the surrounding house structure.

Level III inspection includes opening the most accessible parts of your chimney for inspection for a complete internal review.

Choose the inspection plan that suits your budget and we’ll ensure you get quality results every time.

You take your car in for maintenance and go to the doctor when symptoms of an illness begin. Give the same attention to your chimney and prevent minor repairs from turning into life-threatening house fires. Yearly inspections, recommended by National Fire Protection Association, find the result of natural wear and tear, giving you the chance to have repairs done and prevent spending more on them than you’d budgeted for. CBS Chimney Sweepers is your one-stop option for chimney cleaning, inspection and repair!