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wood pelletsYour pellet stove was an investment that pays off in how well it produces heat and how little smoke it gives off. It is, however, more complicated than a fireplace or a free-standing wood stove. This, and the fact that the Southwest climate has a shorter season where heating is required, can lead to a pellet stove being used without inspection or cleaning.

Not every chimney sweeping company understands how pellet stoves work, or even know that they can be a replacement for traditional furnaces and other heating systems. They have moving parts, require electricity and function as mini-furnaces and need professional attention to stay safe and efficient. CBS Chimney Sweepers is the company that knows pellet stoves inside and out, literally!

CBS Chimney Sweepers have the equipment and expertise to clean the vents, check the exhaust vent and pipes, examine the burn pot and ash pan and inspect the motors and their condition. We know how wood pellet stoves work and can point out potential problems before they become costly repairs. Creosote can build up even with the small amount of smoke that these stoves produce, so an annual stove cleaning keeps you and your home safe.

With over 85 years of combined experience, CBS Chimney Sweepers is equipped to handle any issue that arises. If your pellet stove has a malfunctioning auger, a broken combustion fan or a damaged convection fan, we can have it repaired and working. We can provide the cleaning recommended for every 50-75 bags of pellets. No additional calls for you to make, no extra work for you to do; we know how to handle everything involved and we carry a large stock of parts.