Pellet stoves are largely self-contained and release less smoke, unlike traditional fireplaces. They also have moving parts, require electricity and need professional stove installation to work safely. When malfunctions arise, you need knowledgeable hands to repair the damage to avoid danger and more damage. CBS Chimney Sweepers have the expertise to get your pellet stove working safely for the cold season.

Unlike wood-burning stoves, pellet stoves have electronic components and involve an automated system. A hopper holds compressed wood pellets and an auger feeds them into the burn pot. Between the moving parts needed to move the pellets and the vents required to keep air circulating, pellet stoves are far more complicated than traditional fireplaces and wood-burning stoves.

Due to the high temperatures these stoves burn at, a malfunction could cause a house fire. Having professional repair done is vital for safe utility. Regular inspections by an expert will allow problems to be caught before they turn into tragedies. Scheduled stove cleaning—recommended per 1-1.5 tons or every 50-75 bags of pellets used—keeps the vents clear and allows the pellet stove to be examined for obvious problems.

Regular cleaning, inspection and repair of pellet stoves ensures greater efficiency. With one call to CBS Chimney Sweepers, you can have your pellet stove completely prepped for the upcoming cold season. With over 85 years of combined experience, we know everything about how to prepare, inspect and repair pellet stoves.

Don’t risk your safety with a DIY attempted repair on a machine with moving parts and high temperatures! Contact us today and ensure that your pellet stove is in good shape and repaired before you fire it up for Fall!